Taylor Swift lyrics - Last Kiss

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Wake up and smell the lies that
scar my skin that you once kissed
and I wish you would love me
for what I did for you in the past

in that bedroom candles lit wish you could see what lies
I slit and the ones you never saw

Call, me, a liar,
make, me, a fire
around me and dance
like you once did or so I thought
When we had our last kiss..

Yesterday when you never

showed up to say that you
loved me so much and that
all my friends were there..

And I guess that's why
You never did
and I guess that's why
we'll never have kids..
I wish we did...baby
With our last kiss.
Oh oh oh our last kiss
oh oh oh oh our last kiss...
oh oh oh oh, our...last.....kiss....................

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