Rachel Arieff and The Smileytown Boys lyrics - Hollywood Shitbox

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I'm flat broke but life is good
In my shitbox apartment house in Hollywood
Where the kids run wild 'cause mom's
getting high
And every day daddy is a brand new guy!
And we all live together and life is good
In our shitbox building in Hollywood.

My neighbor Lucy is a real gem
She starts drinking at 10 AM
Then she yells at the TV, then she takes a nap
'Til her boyfriend comes home and gives her
the clap
And I shouldn't brag, but life is grand
In our crack coke condo in Hollywoodland.

I've got two cats and I'll tell you why
One throws up, the other licks it dry.
And that's less cleaning for me.
I like to run around naked like a bumblebee!
And everything works out as it should
In my Mental Health Nightmare in Hollywood.

Now I know what you're thinking:
Gee, how can I
Get myself a place in that pigsty?
Well, I'm so sorry, but I confess
I ain't gonna give you the address.
'Cause if everyone moves in, that can't be good
For my 3rd world shantytown, one-bedroom Gomorrah,
rotted drywall, toxic mold, chickenwire ceilings,
glass in the mattress, cockroach pets,
piss in the carpet, blood on the driveway bargain...
in Hollywood, where people whore themselves more than they should...

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