En Vogue lyrics - Everyday

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Sit down, let me tell you what's been on my mind all day

See, I've been thinking about the love we share in a special way

And it feels good

To know that I can count on you

To love me like I know you should

Listen boy

I've had a few encounters with others on the sly

Neither one of 'em ever made me feel so high

And it's all right

'cause everytime you come, you come correct

And I can't take it when you blow my mind, so


Everyday, I call you, I page you, yeah

Everyday, I miss you, I wanna kiss you, yeah

Everyday, I reminisce on time spent, yeah

Everyday, I wanna beg you please, do it again

Just do it again, do it again,

Just do it again, do it again, 2X

Last night, you walked outta my house before I said goodbye

I was under a spell of love, and I can't deny

Your love is tight

And there can't be no confusion when it comes to how you put it down

I know, that it's oh so good for me to think that it's all mine

They say you spread it thin, my girls tell me all the time

You're not my kind

But they don't know the things you do, and when you're doing them to me, so


Let's do it in the morning

Sweet dreams come summertime

Don't you know sweet baby

Just givin' good, just givin' good, just givin' good love

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